Infant Dentistry

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Dr. Korkis Provides Infant dentistry In Lindenhurst, IL

What Is Infant Dentistry?

You might think dentistry is only for people who’ve grown in a full set of teeth, but that isn’t the case! The ADA recommends that children begin receiving dental care as soon as their first tooth shows up, or at least by their first birthday. Infant dentistry includes assessing the baby’s mouth to make sure everything is healthy and giving parents advice for taking care of their baby’s teeth and gums.

Why Is Infant Dentistry So Important?

As soon as teeth appear, they are vulnerable to the possibility of cavities. It’s crucial to keep baby teeth healthy so that the child can chew effectively, speak clearly, and feel comfortable, and baby teeth also hold the places for the adult teeth to grow after them. Dental professionals like Dr. Korkis will help you keep your baby’s teeth healthy and happy.

Give Your Child An Early Advantage With Infant Dentistry At Lindenhurst Dental Arts

From teething to cavities to concerns about thumb sucking, infant dentistry at Lindenhurst Dental Arts can help you and your baby navigate the first few years of life and get them started on the path to lifelong healthy teeth. If your baby‘s teeth have started growing, give us a call at (847) 305-4905 or send us a email to schedule their first appointment!