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At Lindenhurst Dental Arts, our expert dentist in Lindenhurst wants to remind you that we offer thorough oral cancer screenings as part of our comprehensive dental health services. Like all cancers, early diagnosis of oral cancer can significantly improve the success of your treatment. Regular screenings are your first line of defense, and our team is here to help.

During your screening, our dentist will carefully examine your lips, tongue, gums, mouth, and throat for any abnormalities that could be or become cancerous. We also take into account any symptoms you may be experiencing. If you have had any oral cancer symptoms for more than a week without improvement, schedule an appointment and inform your dentist immediately. Symptoms that could indicate oral cancer include:

  • Ear pain
  • Unexplained mouth bleeding
  • Mouth sores that don’t heal
  • White or red patches in your mouth
  • Dramatic weight loss
  • Lumps or swellings in or around your mouth
  • Sore throat without other sinus symptoms
  • Sensation of something caught in the back of your throat
  • Pain or difficulty in swallowing, speaking, or moving your jaw or tongue

Every hour, one adult American dies from oral cancer. While anyone can develop oral cancer, certain factors can increase your risks. These include genetic predisposition, prolonged sun exposure, an unhealthy diet, and excessive alcohol consumption. Oral cancer is more common in men than women, and patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) are at higher risk. Tobacco users are six times more likely to develop oral cancer than non-users.

Regardless of the cause, the success of treatment depends on the size, type, and stage of the cancer. Early detection plays a crucial role in successful recovery. Oral cancers discovered in the early stages have an 80-90% survival rate, primarily because early detection leads to earlier, less invasive treatment. Oral cancers found at later stages are likely to be larger, more complex, and often have spread beyond the mouth.

We are currently accepting new patients. If you would like more information about oral cancer and oral cancer screenings, contact our office for a consultation with our dentist in Lindenhurst. Your health and well-being are our top priorities, and we are here to ensure you receive the best care possible.

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